January 2018 Check-Ins: Declan the Dinosaur

January Facebook/Instagram Check-Ins


This month we are doing something a little different and impacting one of our very own members, Lauren. Lauren and her husband have twin boys Adrian and Declan. Declan was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in May 2016. Lauren has spent many days at the hospital and going through so much, it is a great opportunity to bless her.

Lauren expressed that gas gift cards would be helpful. CF Attollo will be purchasing $100 worth of gift cards for Lauren….to include gas gift cards, a Starbucks gift card, and a massage gift certificate. If you feel like purchasing a gift card for Lauren as well that would be amazing as we hope to bless her socks off. Even if you feel the desire to purchase something that has sentimental value, or that has a personal touch to it for Lauren that would be great too.

If you would like to just leave a kind word even, there will be a basket in the lounge area with blank cards in it which you can write a little note of encouragement to her.

We will give her the basket the first part of February so if you would like to give, please bring it by January 31st.

Lauren has a Facebook page where she posts updates about Declan…. www.facebook.com/declanthedinosar

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