“I love this place. Within six months of ongoing training at Crossfit Attollo I have become stronger, more diverse in skill and movement, and truly look forward to seeing these faces every day. They have the best, most patient, progressive, and talented trainers. This is a box where egos are left in your past life, because if you continue training here there is no place for it. One of the most welcoming and encouraging fitness families I have EVER been apart of and I refuse to go anywhere else.”
– Megan M.

“I have never really “enjoyed” working out, or looked forward to it. I love the feeling I have after but getting to that point was always hit or miss. Immediately walking into my Mama bootcamp felt welcomed and accepted. I have looked forward to every class and look forward to the rest of this round. I will most likely sign up for more in the future. Can’t say enough about the people who work and train there!”
– Lisa L.

“I look forward to working out everyday because of the atmosphere. The workouts are always challenging yet never mundane with how Sam and Brooke change them up everyday. Can’t say enough good things.”

– Jerid F.

“Awesome and encouraging atmosphere with people who care about helping you achieve fitness goals.”
– Latu F.

“Sam and Brooke make this place amazing. I could not ask for a better place to workout. They push you to become your best while keeping focus on the mechanics of lifting at the same time. Nothing but good things to say and I hope others read this and come join the family environment that has been built here.”

– Auston A.

“What a great place! New to CrossFit and what great coaches. They take my eyes big as saucers and scale everything to my level while still giving me a challenge! The encouragement and support is great and after 5 weeks I can feel the change in my body, I AM GETTING STRONGER! And I love it! This Grandma is hooked!”

– Pam G.

“Everyone is so encouraging, and the coaches are knowledgeable and provide a great environment to reach your fitness goals.”
– Nathalie B.

“Love the workouts but love the positive environment even more. Thanks guys!”
– Jamie H.

“Love this place! So great to be able to bring my little one with me.”

– Julie H.

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